First I'd like to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts you have sent me over the years! I just love opening them all, it's so much fun ripping them open and finding out what's inside! Sometimes you guys just like to send things for my birthday, or special occasions, like Valentine's Day, or Christmas, or sometimes just because.......that's even better!

Home: Atlanta, GA

Skin: Fair to light, no tattoos

Birthday: April 14th Aries

Heritage: Dutch and German

Favorite Colors: Baby Pink, Black, White, Baby Blue, Teal Blue, and Royal Blue

Favorite Stores:, Victoria, Baker's Shoes, Steve Madden Shoes, Home Depot.

Favorite Perfume: All kinds! Angel, Jean Paul Gautier, Chanel, Victoria's Secret-Vanilla Lace

Things I like: Tiffany's and David Yurman jewelry, Lingerie, DVD's, Shoes

My Fetish: Shoes and boots, the way to my heart is through my feet. Buy me a pair of shoes, or take me shoe shopping, and worship my feet, and I will be putty in your hands!

Favorite Music: Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, they are my all time favorite, but I like everything from the Blues, to dance, to 70's to 80's rock, and disco!

Favorite food: Godiva Chocolate and Crème Brule for the sweet stuff. Salmon, lobster, crab, cooked sushi, and Caesar and wedge of lettuce salad.

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