The Great Pet Hunt, Ardvarks Pool Party - Passport to Paradise, Dragon-Con 99, Peepers, Last Dance, Melissa Wolf Vol1, Glamour-Con 99, Melissa Wolf Vol2, Melissas Mansion, Naked in New York, Welcome to Canada, Woldcats, Playful Firends, Dirty Dancing, Private Show, Glori Makes the Maid 2, Playtime with Melissa, Exotic Dancer 2000, Baby Face, Centerfolds Caught on Tape, 12 Babes of Christmas, Fantasy Fest 2001, Stories of Swimsuits, Pajama Poloosa 2, World of Erotic Ape

Christines Addiction, The Hitch Heiker Series, Dream Witch, Jinxed, Booby Trapped, Hell Phone

Miss Nude Vancouver, Lifetime Acheivement Award, Hall Of Fame Award

2008: Cougars - Jan (Cover/CF), Sexy Eye Candy - Jan (Cover/CF)
2004: Heavy Metal Calendar - Miss January
2003: Celebrity Sleuth #27 Aug, Cheri Sept
2002: Penthouse, Girls Of Spring, Heavy Metal (Cover) July, Lovers In Heat Vol#11, Celebrity Sleuth Nov
2000: Penthouse Hot Talk Dec/Jan, Penthouse Letters (Cover) Mar, Easy Rider Anniv Aug, LUI #8 (French), Newlook Pinup #15 (France) Mar
1999: Penthouse Letters Feb, Penthouse Letters (Cover) Dec, Options (Cover) July
1998: Penthouse Variations Aug, Penthouse Forum Dec, Gallery Mar, Club International Aug, Biker #155, Hustler (German - Cover/CF) Oct, Leg Scene Jan, Easy Rider Oct
1997: Penthouse, Girls Of Jan, Penthouse, Girls Of Sep, Penthouse Letters Oct, Easy Rider Feb, Adults Only May, Leg Heaven #7, Lesbian Lust July, Biker Dec
1996: Penthouse Letters Jan, Penthouse Hot Talk July, Penthouse, Girls Of Oct, Adult Card CQ (Cover) Jan, OUI Jan, Leg Show (Cover) Feb, Swank Dec, Knave Vol28 #11 (UK)
1995: Penthouse Girl/Girl Jan, Penthouse Variations Jan, Penthouse Forum Apr, Penthouse Girls On Girls Apr, Penthouse Forum May, Penthouse Forum, Best Of #34, Penthouse, Girls Of Sep, Penthouse Letters Dec, Easy Ride (CF) Jan, American Rodder Swimsuit Calendar, Lusty Letters (Cover) Mar, Bi-Curious (Cover) Apr, For Men (UK) Apr, Easy Rider (CF) May, Options (Cover) Jun, Stripper Mag (Cover) Oct/Nov, Risque Nov, Adult Card CQ (Cover) Nov
1994: Penthouse - Jul, Penthouse Variations Nov, BJ Premiere, Cheri Jan, Winks Vol2 #1, Winks Vol1 #2, Swanks X-Rated #2, Swanks Euro Erotica #5 (Cover), Live Girls (Cover/CF) Mar, Gallerys Girls Of America, Paradise Jun, Swanks Best Porn (CF) Jul, OUI (Cover/CF) Dec, Genesis (Cover/CF)
1993: Penthouse Letters Jan, Penthouse, Girls Of Jan, Penthouse, Girls Of Feb, Penthouse (France CF) Apr, Penthouse Girl/Girl May, Penthouse, Girls Of May, Penthouse, Girls Of Jun, Penthouse, Girls Of Sep, Penthouse Hot Talk Sep, Penthouse, Girls Of Oct, Penthouse Letters Girl/Girl Nov, Penthouse Letters, Best Of - Holiday, Super Cycles Babes On Bikes Vol1, Swank Mar, Hustler Lingerie (Cover), Gallery (Cover) Apr, Stags Sex Acts (Cover/CF) Apr, Cheri (Cover) Jun, High Society Private Letters (Cover) Jun, Swanks X-Rated Action Guide (CF), Cheri, Best Of #57, American Rodder (Cover/CF) Nov, Live Sep, Swanks Sex Fever (CF) Dec
1992: Penthouse, Girls Of Jan, Penthouse, Girls Of Aug, High Society, Best Of #40, High Society, Best Of #42, High Society Mar, Velvet Nov, Club International (UK), Cheri Lingerie (Cover), Cheri (Cover/CF)
1991: Penthouse Poster Calendar (German) Jan, Penthouse (French) Mar, Penthouse Letters Apr, Penthouse Letters May, Penthouse (Hong Kong) Sep, Penthouse Letters Sep, Penthouse, Girls Of Dec, Swank Jan, Stripper Mag (Cover) Feb/Mar, Pacific Dancers (Cover), Swanks Wet Lips Jun, Swanks Shaved (CF) Aug, Chic (Cover) Aug, Super Cycle Aug, Velvet Nov, High Society
1990: Penthouse Feb, Penthouse Letters Feb, Penthouse (France) Mar, Penthouse (Cover - Germany) May, Penthouse Aug, Penthouse Forum (Cover) Aug, Penthouse Letters Sep, Gallerys Letters/Lust
1989: Penthouse, Girls Of Jul/Aug
1988: Penthouse (Australian Cover) Mar, Penthouse (Australian Mar, Penthouse, Girls Of Mar, Penthouse Variations Nov
1987: Penthouse - Feb , Penthouse (German) Apr, Penthouse Letters May
1986: Penthouse, Girls Of (Cover) Jan
1985: Penthouse (CF) Jun, Penthouse (Spanish - CF) Sep

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