I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC., Canada. I got started in the adult entertainment business at a very young age of 18. I was living on my own, working at McDonald's, trying to support myself. So, in the evenings I would enter into the wet t-shirt contests, or naughty nighty contest to try and make extra money. It took me about 8 times before winning, then there was no stopping me.

After a few months of that I ran into an old girlfriend who insisted she take me in for an audition down at the local strip club there in downtown Vancouver. Apparently she had become a dancer since the last time I saw her. So she talked me into it. There I was 11am, before the bar opened, in a borrowed costume, and at the mercy of whatever music the DJ was to play for me. I was so nervous! But after I was done they hired me right away.

Around 8 months into my dancing career, The Drake Hotel hosted a contest called the Vancouver Exotica. I ended up winning the New Stars division, retaining the title of Miss Nude Vancouver Exotica 1984.

It was shortly after that when a girl named Leanne Lee came through Vancouver from Toronto to work a few weeks in our clubs. She had appeared in Penthouse Magazine. She was so nice and helpful; she gave me all the information I needed to send my photos in. So I did and about two weeks later I got a call from Earl Miller, Penthouse staff photographer. With in two weeks I was on my way to Los Angeles to shoot my centerfold pictorial, June 1985. Four months later there I was on the magazine stands! I was only one of four Penthouse Pets in Canada to ever grace the pages of Penthouse Magazine.

By February 1987, I had made my second appearance in Penthouse, "Birds of a Feather". As the years pasted, the magazine appearances started adding up as I built a relationship with Penthouse and several of the photographers in LA.

In 1998 I was asked to appear in an on command performance during the 1998 Miss Nude Atlanta pageant where I was awarded the Life Time Achievement award by Gelardi South Enterprises and the Exotic Dance industry.

It was during the Exotic Dancer Convention 2000, where I was awarded the Hall of Fame award by Exotic Dancer and the Adult Entertainment Industry.

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